Get to know a Fluevoger: Brian Wilson

Last Updated: February 28, 2020


When did you get your first pair of Fluevogs? What were they?

It was in ’96 or ‘97 and they were a pair of Oxblood/Burgundy 7th Heaven Derby Swirl boots. I loved those boots. I wore them everywhere for years until they just couldn’t be repaired anymore and I had to let them go.

What do Fluevogs mean to you?

They are like a breath of fresh air and a bit of sunshine. They are also a reminder that we don’t have to do things in a particular way just because that’s the way things have been done in the past. “Yes. Go ahead. Try it. Do more. What are you waiting for?” they say to me.

Any interesting stories behind your Fluevogs?

It’s a bit like being in a not-so-secret club where you get comments/compliments on your footwear at random times from the nicest people. I’m also a bit amazed when I spot a pair in the wild in other countries and I feel compelled to say ‘Hi’, or at least give an involuntary guy nod to whoever is wearing them.

How do you feel when you wear your Fluevogs?

They are like a superhero cape, especially in Vancouver in the winter. Whenever I put a pair on, I’m ready for anything the city has to offer.

Can you tell us how many pairs you own?

14. Which is both fantastic and a little worrying.

What is your favourite Fluevog? Why?

It changes, but I always love putting on a pair of Oxblood Derby Swirl boots. I can wear them with pretty much anything and in any situation: casual, formal, pub, wedding, job interview, on the motorbike or just waking around the city.

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