Give Your Startup an Edge with Our Top 5 Streaming Video Channels—Video Content Roundup

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

Staying current with entrepreneurship trends can be tricky. As new resources and strategies develop popularity, it’s important for small business owners to know what’s out there so they give their startup a competitive edge in the market. In this post, we’ll focus on streaming video channels you can follow for a constant stream of news and other information from the world of business. Since the rise of streaming video, individuals and organizations from around the world have been using this platform to share their knowledge and experience with audiences looking for business guidance. If you’re interested in developing your entrepreneurial know-how without spending a dime, check out our five favourite startup-centric streaming video channels below.

  1. Lean Launchpad [Vimeo]

Founded by serial entrepreneur Steve Blank, Lean Launchpad is a practical course that allows entrepreneurs to test and innovate their business models with a hands-on approach. While the course can’t be completed online, you can consult videos from the Lean Launchpad for Life Sciences for more information about entrepreneurship. This channel carries a wide variety of video content, such as talks from experienced mentors, presentations from startup teams and instructive tutorials that walk you through slippery concepts such as customer discovery. Check out the video below to see the way Lean Launchpad tackles the process of finding early evangelists.

  1. Google+ Your Business [YouTube]

Google+ Your Business compiles a number of video created to help small business owners use Google products. Everything from Google AdWords to Google Analytics to Google Hangouts is covered, with a number of how-to videos that focus on the use of these technologies for tracking and engaging with customers. Additionally, Google+ Your Business offers content on a number of other related topics, such as the video below which provides hiring tips for small business.

  1. Columbia Business School [YouTube]

Columbia Business School is one of the world’s leading business institutions, ranking as one of the top schools for entrepreneurs to get their MBA. Their YouTube channel is also an excellent place to find engaging business content of all sorts of varieties. For example, Columbia Business School’s YouTube channel hosts established business magnates giving startup advice as well as profiles on up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Be sure to watch Arianna Huffington’s “Strive to Thrive” talk.

  1. MaRS Discovery District [YouTube] [Vimeo]

Based in Toronto, MaRS Discovery District has been providing individuals and organizations alike with entrepreneurial skills to assist with their business endeavours. They work directly with small business owners, providing venture services such as connections and market intelligence, and offer a number of free online educational resources, including videos. They capture talks from MaRS innovators and affiliates as well as instructional videos that help entrepreneurs navigate topics such as venture funding and intellectual property. In the video below, MaRS offers some guerilla marketing tactics to help entrepreneurs catch the public’s attention.

  1. Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner [YouTube]

Operating out of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner (or “E-Corner” for short) provides a massive catalog of video resources for entrepreneurs. They capture talks from a number of successful individuals in the business world and splice these talks into brief videos no more than a couple of minutes in length, allowing you to find quick, digestible content that’s most relevant to your interests. Be sure to check out their video about biotech innovation below.

For more entrepreneurial video channels, check out great lists here and here. We also recommend you seek out industry-specific YouTube channels, such as Cleantech Open and the National Center for Biotechnology Information. For more information on staying current with industry news, see our blog post from last week on tools to help you organize industry news!