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Updated: November 22, 2021

Welcome to the Consulting Guide

What is the Consulting Industry?

Consultants are experienced professionals that specialize in problem-solving and strategic planning. They are often called upon by clients to assist with researching and analyzing information, as well as coming up with strategic solutions to organizational problems. Consultants provide many services, and this is reflected in the common types of consultancy firms in Canada:

Consulting Firm Type Services
Generalist Wide range of services, from strategy consulting and human resources to IT and outsourcing.
Strategy Offer strategic advice to companies on a project basis.
HR Advice in areas such as personnel policy, job evaluation and industrial relations.
IT Advice in a range of IT areas, from defining information needs through to implementing computer applications.
Financial Consulting Advice in areas such as the installation of budgetary control systems to office reorganization and administrative arrangements.
Niche Specializing in certain industries or business sectors and often set up by an experienced consultants in a particular area of expertise. Generally includes smaller practices of up to 100 consultants. Examples include Management consulting firms, Environmental consulting firms, and Scientific & Economic consulting firms.

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The Consulting Industry in Canada consists of various sectors; this guide will focus on how to find resources related to the following five sectors:

Consulting Sector Services
HR Consulting HR management; Compensation and benefits; Actuarial consulting
IT Consulting IT technical consulting; Data processing; Hosting and related services
Management Consulting HR management; Strategic management;
Financial management; Marketing management; Operations and supply chain management
Environmental Consulting Environmental assessments and audits;
Site remediation planning; Natural resource management; Waste management;
Environmental policy development
Scientific & Economic Consulting Economic consulting; Agriculture, energy and commodities; Occupational health, safety and security

This guide will not only help you to become more efficient with your research time but it will also save you money by directing you to reputable sources to learn about your market.  But first, take a deep breath because secondary market research is a journey and it will require work. The definition of a market can vary from a broad industry to a specific market niche.  Also, the geographic scope of your market may vary across a municipality, a region, a country or the globe. In new or emerging markets there may be very little information or data published so you will have to dig and possibly look at comparable, more established markets. This guide will help you to organize your work and prioritize your research questions. We aim to save you time by directing you to the information you can use to make better business decisions. Feel free to jump into whatever section is most applicable to your business goals now.

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