Hot Industry Trends

Last Updated: April 27, 2017

Starting a business is always risky, but being an entrepreneur also has the potential for great rewards. Keeping tabs on industry trends can help you strike while the iron is hot. Here are the 11 best business opportunities for this year published by We’ve given you the rundown of their list below, along with links to the SBA’s own industry accelerator guides.  Check out the original article for even more information.

Best Industries in 2012

Residential Construction
Construction worker
Accelerator Guides: Carpentry, Construction, Electrician, Roofing, Plumbing, Landscaping

Pet Care
Accelerator Guides: Pet Services

Environmental Consulting
Accelerator Guides: Green/Eco Business, Alternative Energy, Consulting

Accelerator Guides: Online Retail Business

Big Data
Accelerator Guides: High Tech

Mobile & Social Gaming
Accelerator Guides: High Tech

Full-Service Restaurants
Accelerator Guides: Restaurant, Bar/Nightclub

Internet Publishing
Accelerator Guides: High Tech

Water Conservation
Accelerator Guides: Green/Eco Business

Supply Chain Services
Accelerator Guides: Trucking, Import/Export

IT Consulting
Accelerator Guides: High Tech, Telecom/Wireless Business, Computer Repair


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