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A successful business is all about proper management - but that can cover so much! In this section you'll mostly find resources on the management of people and human resources. This includes assessing yourself and what areas you excel in and where you might need a little help.

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Key Resources

  • HR Resources connects job seekers to companies throughout British Columbia. In their section for employers business owners will find useful tips on the latest employee recruitment and retainment strategies.
  • Work BC - Employer Resources
    This is a comprehensive portal created by Government of BC to support all your needs.

    Aimed at small businesses and internet start-ups, SmartBiz has excellent resource sections on both human resources and management.

  • SBA.Gov - Managing a Business

    Although this is a U.S government. site and references to particular laws and regulations aren't relevant, the extensive sections on growing your business and leading your company are still very relevant. Learn about being a leader, making decision, and managing employees.

Rights & Obligations

  • Employers' Corner

    This webpage explains what obligations business owners have to their employees, including paying wages, complaint processes, and record-keeping obligations.


  • Get Youth Working
    Funded through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement, Get Youth Working offers employers financial incentives to hire eligible youth between 15 and 29 years of age.
    Hire the World Currently active in 126 countries, HiretheWorld is an award winning, online resource that connects a network of thousands of creative professionals with employers on a global scale. Founded in 2009, HiretheWorld has developed an unprecedented range of products aimed at lowering barriers to starting a small business.

Self-Assessment Tools