balancing priorities of employment and private lifestyle, enjoying a satisfying personal life outside of the business environment

Work-Life Balance

11 of the Best Podcasts to Listen to for Entrepreneurs

Jul 7, 2018

Podcasts are great to listen to whether you’re commuting to work, making dinner, or want to learn something new. These business-focused podcasts will offer you insight and ideas about entrepreneurship and current business trends and issues. This collection of podcasts are freely available online. Read on to find a new listen! A note for Firefox and Internet Explorer users: Podcasts that are hosted on Soundcloud may not run properly on your browser. Chrome is a reliable alternative.

4 Valuable Business Lessons From 4 Movies

Jul 7, 2015

Thinking of staying indoors and escaping the sizzling summer heat? We’ve got the perfect way for you to maximize your time — a collection of four uplifting movies that will teach you valuable life lessons and help you to become a better entrepreneur. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the shows — the inspiration you’ll get from these masterpieces could lead you to your next big business breakout! Jerry McGuire (1996)

Don't Stress-Outsource!

Aug 8, 2015

Work smarter, not harder! You already know that entrepreneurs are go-getters; on any given day these Jack-of-All-Trades’ job titles could be accountant, customer service rep, therapist, motivational speaker or IT specialist.

Family Business & Succession Planning

Feb 2, 2017

With Family Day just around the corner, it’s time to talk “The Talk” with your kin. That’s right: we’re talking about family succession planning. Business owners want to see their businesses grow and succeed into the future. Yet, according to PwC Canada, only 18% of Canadian family businesses have a comprehensive succession plan.

Inspiring TEDxVancouver Talks for Entrepreneurs - Video Content Roundup

May 5, 2015

TEDxVancouver is an independently produced local event held since 2009 designed to showcase stories from people of every walk of life in British Columbia. For this week’s video round-up, we are sharing the stories of three local influencers (and one visitor), who followed their own path, and tell how they focused their entrepreneurial point of view to make great things happen. Watch out! After watching these videos, you might just be inspired.  

Open Education Sources for Small Businesses

Mar 3, 2017

We are in the middle of Open Education Week, which lasts from March 27th to 31st this year. The goal of the week is to raise awareness about sources, uses and benefits of open education. We conducted some research to find open resources that will be helpful for a small business owner. Although many websites offer free courses aimed at small business owners, it can be difficult to determine their quality. We decided only to look at recognized high quality platforms that offer free courses.

Staying Healthy and Balanced Through the Start-Up Process

Nov 11, 2014

The start-up process is notorious for consuming your mind and body. With so many decisions needing to be made, there is little time for remembering the other things that also define you – your family, friends and hobbies – and keep you grounded. In fact, in the 2014 Start-up Survey, Sage North America found that work/life balance is the number ONE personal concern of start-ups.