Trends for Businesses for 2017

Published: Jan 25, 2017
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2017

Bank of Canada predicts 2% GDP growth for Canada for 2017. As a new year begins experts often write about popular trends we are likely to see. We read through these predictions to see what might be useful for small businesses in British Columbia. The following is a list of eight different trends that is food for thought for entrepreneurs.

Green Products

According to an article on consumers pay attention to companies that are environmentally responsible and offer products, packaging and services that follow sustainable practices.

Companies that connect

There has been a rise in companies that connect people with services rather than sell products, Airbnb and Uber are a few examples.

Remote employees

In an increasingly connected world employees can pretty much work from anywhere to complete their tasks. This is an opportunity for freelance professionals as well as small business owners who might need help for specific projects. Such trends will also lead to increased business focus (and thus opportunity) in the realm of cloud migration and cybersecurity

Big data and analytics

Businesses rely on data to understand customer need and interactions. Social media and websites are fundamental platforms for businesses to interact with customers. Analytics gained from such interactions help businesses decide how to improve marketing and customer service. Experts believe that how we gather and interpret analytics will become more accessible for business managers in order to aid marketing, customer service and business planning.

Video content

According to a report by Hubspot, video content became increasingly important as a marketing tool with more consumers watching videos. As of mid-2016 Facebook revealed its 1.65 billion active daily users watch 8 billion videos a day. The trend is expected to grow in 2017.

Increase in Chatbots

According to Appinventiv, use of chatbots for sales and customer service will be on the rise with improved interaction through artificial intelligence and messaging interface.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Pokemon Go made virtual and augmented reality a technological success of 2016. It is likely the trend will continue with players in the markets bringing improvement in devices as well as software.


According to a Business News Daily article, crowdfunding has opened doors to financing opportunities for small businesses. With this in mind, crowdfunding is likely to grow in 2017.  


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