Module Two: Secondary Market Research for Industry Analysis

Secondary Market Research for Industry Analysis

Understanding an industry is a critical success factor being successful within it, but the importance of an industry analysis can be often overlooked. This module covers the types of industry information, common industry research scope, and introduces a few starting places to gather industry information.

Learning Outcome Checklist

By the end of this module, you will be able to:


Define industry research in market research context

Industry research is a process where you gather information about trends, economic drivers, and social factors that have impact on a specific industry to gain insight into your consumers, your competitors, and the overall market.


List typical questions industry research can help with

Including typical questions industry research might be able to answer around your specific industry including the risks, trends, opportunities, and outlook for this industry.


Get the inside scoop on the vast amount of industry information sources

Conducting a thorough industry analysis will mean consulting a number of public, commercial or academic sources to gather a variety of information

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