Module Three: Planning Your Industry Research

Planning Your Industry Research

Researching an industry that is new to you requires extensive effort. A clearly-defined plan and manageable goals will help you be efficient and effective. This module illustrates the steps in the research planning stage.

Learning Outcome Checklist

By the end of this module, you will be able to:


Identify your industry

It might not always be easy to identify what industry or industries you should be researching, and some industries associated with your product or service may not be obvious.



Formulate your research questions

Well-defined research questions are fundamental. You may refine your research questions at any point of your industry research.


Develop your search strategy

Selecting the right search strategy helps you get to straight to the answers for your questions. You will learn that searching is strategic exploration and an ongoing iterative process. Therefore, pick your tools and key words wisely. This video provides a quick comparison of some common ways to search. 

Apply Your Knowledge

Starting List of Databases


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