Small Business Advice from Enterprize Canada 2012

Last Updated: June 14, 2017

The 2012 Enterprize Canada Conference in downtown Vancouver brought together more than 350 university and high school students from throughout BC, and even across Canada. Students networked with professionals in seven-minute personal sessions, lunches, and the Saturday evening Gala Dinner. They received first-hand business advice in a series of panel discussions. SBA had a chance to sit in on several. 

  • Women in Entrepreneurship
    Three inspiring BC women talked about starting their businesses and taking them to where they are now, from setting personal and business goals to creating dialogue with customers. Top advice for new entrepreneurs:

    •  Develop company culture. How can you create a positive workspace for your employees?  
    • Build Scalability into your business systems. Improve as you grow!  
  • On Developing Content and Transmedia Storytelling
    Sean O'Reilly, CEO of Arcana Comics, taught his audience how to write and sell stories. Top advice for entrepreneurs in creative media:

    • Create a logline, or one-sentence description of a story.
    • Fill stories with unique, proprietary details.
  • Young Entrepreneurs
    Young CEOs shared stories of landing their first investments and selling their products. Top financial advice:

    • Don't use one business to finance another.
    • Be conservative with your assets.
    • Assess decision outcomes, and don't spend resources on what isn't working.