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Filmmaking Guide

Filmmaking involves both a creative as well as a business element. The process develops from an idea, funding, production, editing, marketing and distribution. We focus on business information related to independent video filming rather than working for an established broadcaster.

Music Teaching Guide

Music teachers provide private or group instruction in playing a specific musical instrument, musical composition, or in music theory and harmony. Private music teachers are most often hired by music students, parents, or by a music school.

Performing Arts Guide

Performing Arts contribute to both the cultural and economic landscape of Canada. There are many forms of expression within the performing arts, including but not limited to: dance, theatre, music and other forms of media. Businesses in this industry may be run for profit (such as a training studio or theatre company) or as a nonprofit association.

Portrait Photography Guide

Portrait photography involves capturing the likeness of a person or persons using various photographic equipment, in either a photographic studio or at a specific location. In order to operate a successful portrait photography business, photographers need solid business management skills, along with experience behind the lens.

Video Production Guide

Video production involves the capture of moving images on various forms of electronic media. A video production business often specializes in a certain area of production, such as television commercials, corporate videos, event videos, or educational videos.