Out Now: BIV's 2011 Book of Lists

Last Updated: June 12, 2017

If you're already an avid reader of Business in Vancouver (BIV) Magazine you've probably seen previous editions of their annual Book of Lists. The 2011 edition is out now, and worth checking out if you're looking to get the scoop on the biggest players across industries in BC.

If you're planning to start a business, or have already opened up shop, it's well worth your time (and possibly a few dollars) to track down a copy of BIV's Book of Lists for 2011. In this publication BIV provides lists and company details about the largest companies competing for the BC market share, and tracks their progress year-over-year. While we often guess as to who our biggest competitors are, this book is based on pure fact and research. Think you know who the biggest local breweries might be? That might be easy enough to find out, but how about brewers competing for the #18-22 positions in the BC market - a market share that may be more realistic for your own business?

The industries covered in the publication are extensive, including categories for areas such as alternative energy businesses, graphic design companies, telecom providers, auto dealerships, insurance brokers, and a whole lot more. Additionally, they cover lists of the 'overall' biggest companies operating in BC. Looking for inspiration? Just check out a few of the top performers for 2011 and you'll no doubt notice a few companies that started (very) small and are now making it big.

If you subscribe to BIV magazine you may have already received your 2011 copy. Individual copies for non-subscribers sell for $35, and can be purchased from their website: http://www.biv.com/publications/spbol.asp. Your local public library may also have a copy or two on hand for you to borrow if you'd rather try before you buy, or if you're only interested in a couple of the lists rather than the whole book.

You can follow Business in Vancouver on Twitter: @bizinvancouver to keep up to date with their latest news and publications.