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Industry Overview: Wedding Planning »

Mar 8, 2018

For engaged couples, staging a wedding can be both exciting and stressful. To help manage the process and to ensure a picture-perfect (stress-free) wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a smart idea. Wedding planning is an ever popular industry and one of the most searched guides on our website.

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Vendor Tips for Holiday Markets »

Nov 24, 2017

Last year, we posted about Ten Holiday Markets in British Columbia. This year, we thought we would cover our top tips for vendors to make your craft fair or holiday market experience a success.

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Industry Overview: Nonprofits »

Nov 2, 2017

The non-profit industry is a diverse industry composed of entities focusing on technology, education, health, the arts and many other areas. There are several terms used to refer to non-profits, such as charities, not-for-profit and social enterprise, making it somewhat confusing to figure out how your non-profit idea should be categorized.

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Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation »

Oct 25, 2017

In September, the Small Business Accelerator librarian, Adena Brons, attended the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundations's 2017 conference, "Different by Design." She traveled to Nelson B.C.

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Focus on...Small Business Week 2017 »

Oct 18, 2017

As the days get shorter, we celebrate Small Business Week 2017 with our partners at David Lam Library at UBC. Business Librarian Irena Trebic has picked a list of business books that can help guide you, whatever stage your business is in.

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Top Growth Industries in BC [Infographic] »

Oct 4, 2017

Growth is happening in British Columbia, but where? This infographic covers the top 5 growing industries based on the British Columbia Small Business Profile 2016

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Help UBC Library support your venture! »

Sep 21, 2017

Call for British Columbia participants in UBC Library entrepreneurship research habits and information needs study! 


The Sharing Economy »

Sep 18, 2017

Taking an Uber home from a night on the town, booking a cutesy cottage on Airbnb, and even signing up for some freelance tasks on Upwork. What do these three things have in common? These increasingly popular actions are all ways to participate in the growing economic model known as the sharing economy.

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Industry Overview: Tourism »

Sep 11, 2017

The tourism industry in Canada is growing, and British Columbia is no exception.

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The Best of #SBALibrary 2017 »

Aug 30, 2017

Our #SBAlibrary summer reading challenge was a great opportunity to delve into the world of business reading.

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