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  • Women in Entrepreneurship (Part 3 of 3): Changing Paradigm

    Dec 12, 2012

    As times change and resources are consumed at rapid rates, we begin to realize that growth cannot continue indefinitely and the way that we carry out our daily live is unsustainable.    It’s a global problem, a problem that impacts many aspects of our lives (including energy, environment, health, politics, education, jobs and the economy) which will require new shape-changing perspectives to resolve.  Women offer fresh perspectives and unique contributions that will benefit society as a whole. 

  • The Evolving Workplace (Part 1 of 2): Managing Employees in a Virtual Environment

    Dec 12, 2012

    The work environment is rapidly changing, incorporating new and innovative models. For the entrepreneur these new models can present both challenges and benefits. One recent development, facilitated by technology, is a growing trend toward employees to telecommuting from a home office.  In this blog post we have collected useful advice for managing employees online and some great tools to ensure your virtual office runs smoothly.

  • Small Business Profile 2012

    Nov 11, 2012

    What do small businesses in BC actually look like? BC Stats recently published the latest edition of their Small Business Profile 2012: A Profile of Small Business in British Columbia.

  • Watch & learn: Video tips and tricks for startups

    Nov 11, 2012

      Are you looking for inspiring success stories? How about leadership tips from established business owners? In today’s post you will find all of these and more. We will share some of our favourite sources for videos and webinars to inspire the entrepreneurial mind.

  • Hot Business Books: Starting a Business Without an MBA

    Oct 10, 2012

    Lots of business owners feel outmatched by individuals who went to business school. While there are some excellent benefits of getting a formal business education, it’s not necessarily a requirement for success. Some of the most successful business men and women have achieved greatness without any formal training. You can learn many important business skills on your own using the internet, books, workshops and seminars. Some of the most essential skills can’t be learned in the classroom at all.

  • Celebrate Small Business Month at the SOHO SME Expo | October 16th

    Oct 10, 2012

    Are you ready for a great day of business?   In its 15th year, the SOHO|SME is the #1 event for small and medium size businesses.  Attendance is free...can't get any better than that! Come visit the SBA booth at the Vancouver: October 16th, Vancouver Convention Centre and meet the people behind the scenes! Event highlights:  

  • Cool tools: Fundica - The free finding funding tool

    Oct 10, 2012

    Have you ever wished you could search just one database to find business funding opportunties throughout Canada? Now you can! Guest blogger Mike Lee, Eng., MBA, CFA is a partner at Fundica, a new free online funding search tool. Read on to learn more about how you can use Fundica for your business. 

  • Creating an infographic: Behind the scenes at the SBA

    Sep 9, 2012

    This summer the SBA team decided to try a new information and marketing tactic - an infographic! It was an exciting project for us. We were brimming with enthusiasm. The only problem was we didn't really know where to begin! Luckily we had the help of Maria Trujillo and Michael Wong, at the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology, who not only helped us with the design, but guided us through the process by asking some very important questions.

  • Enterprising Non-Profits (Enp) Guest Blog: What is Social Enterprise?

    Sep 9, 2012

    Here at the SBA we have been hearing a lot of talk about social enterprise, but we didn't really know much about it. So we decided to ask the experts! David LePage and Michelle Eggli, of Enterprising Non-Profits, are our guest bloggers this month.Read their post to learn what exactly a social enterprise is, why to build a social enterprise, and some strategies for success.

  • Cool Tools: Helping you find consumer data

    Aug 8, 2012

    The SBA poll revealed that many prospective entrepreneurs are struggling to find the consumer data that they need to create effective business and marketing plans. That's why this blog includes a few of our favourite sources for consumer trends and demographic information. Local Information Community Information Database (CID)  |  This free resource offers users access to socioeconomic data for communities across Canada. Use the business registry to find out the types of businesses your community already supports.

  • Self-employment and retirement trends in rural BC

    Aug 8, 2012

    In the recent report, A profile of self-employment in rural and small town Canada: Is there an impending retirement of self-employed business operators?, Statistics Canada describes self-employment in rural Canada and reveals which sectors are expected to experience high levels of retirement in the coming years. Here are a few of the highlights.  Please see the report for details.

  • Help Wanted: How to attract (and keep) quality staff

    Jul 7, 2012

    So, you have established your business and it's a roaring success. The only problem is you’re so busy you can’t take a day off to relax! It’s time to hire some help. Although it is exciting, the hiring process can also be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. That's why the SBA has collected some great resources to make the process easier. To find our complete list visit the Management and Human Resources page.   Hiring Staff  

  • Quick Tips to Start Your Industry Research

    Jun 6, 2012

    According to a 2010 RBC poll, one-third of Canadians like the idea of starting their own business and one-fifth are actually planning to launch a business in the next five years! Well, it looks like some of our readers are part of that group and are just starting their business research.

  • 2012: Hottest Industries for Entrepreneurs

    Jun 6, 2012

    Are you eager to start a business, but not sure which industry to tackle? You’re in luck!  Inc. Magazine has just released their annual list of the top industries for start-ups.

  • Get Your Company in the Spotlight

    May 5, 2012

    Tips for Connecting with Traditional Media Social media is an excellent way to spread the word about your small business, but what if your audience is not that tech savvy? Or, you simply want to broaden your reach?  Traditional media outlets such as print magazines and television talk shows are another great way to secure exposure for your company.  Before you start contacting reporters consider these tips to grab your target’s attention.

  • 24/7 is never enough! Time saving tips for banking

    Apr 4, 2012

    Finding the time to build and run a successful business is not easy. Many first-time entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed by their daily volume of ‘to-do’s’, especially during the early stages of business development, when a routine has yet to be established and new time-demanding issues pop up around every corner. What to do?

  • How Cultured Is Your Company?

    Mar 3, 2012

    The Sergay Group defines company culture as "the collective way we do things around here. It involves a learned set of behaviors that is common knowledge to all the participants. These behaviors are based on a shared system of meanings which guide our perceptions, understanding of events, and what we pay attention to."

  • Backing Up Your Business Data

    Mar 3, 2012

    How often do you back up data from your small business? What technology do you use to do it? How do you decide what information needs to be archived? Your data is as much a part of your business as your products, services, and customers -- and it's nearly impossible to replace once it's gone. You may rely on a server or software program to run regular backups of your data, but you'll still need to pay attention to what gets archived, where, and how.

  • Why Use Web Analytics

    Mar 3, 2012

    Having a website is a cornerstone to creating an identity and presence for many businesses. It’s your calling card and the first impression that many customers will have of you and your business. Therefore you want to make sure that your website is effective in supporting your goals and the needs of your customers.

  • Is Group Buying Right For Your Business? - TD Web Seminar

    Mar 3, 2012

    In February, TD Canada Trust hosted a webinar  called ‘Are deal sites right for your business?' which discussed the phenomenon of group buying and for what businesses it would work best. Group buying is the trend known from sites like Groupon where businesses offer products and services at deep discounts if a minimum number of people buy.

  • Is Your Elevator Pitch Ready?

    Feb 2, 2012

    Sometimes you only have a few seconds — for example, the length of an elevator ride — to make a good impression. Can you summarize your business and its value to a potential customer confidently and quickly? If not, you need to work on your elevator pitch.

  • Entrepreneur 2012 Franchise 500®

    Feb 2, 2012

    Curious about franchise opportunities? If so, then you must review Entrepreneurs annual ranking of American franchises. They've created many lists including:

  • Small Business Advice from Enterprize Canada 2012

    Feb 2, 2012

    The 2012 Enterprize Canada Conference in downtown Vancouver brought together more than 350 university and high school students from throughout BC, and even across Canada. Students networked with professionals in seven-minute personal sessions, lunches, and the Saturday evening Gala Dinner. They received first-hand business advice in a series of panel discussions. SBA had a chance to sit in on several.   

  • Avoid These Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

    Jan 1, 2012

    A quick summary of a great post that will definitely help you focus your mobile marketing efforts for 2012. Here's the lowdown - there are 4 common mistakes that you can easily avoid if you take the time to understand the needs of mobile searchers, and make good use of the tools at your disposal, and offer a value-added experience.  1. Using Mobile to Share Non-Mobile Content 2. Using QR Codes to Direct Customers Back to Your Site 3. Missing a Chance for Better Targeting 4. Not Optimizing Your Mobile Website