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Small Business Month: Climate Action and the Green Economy »

Oct 21, 2021

How can we, as entrepreneurs, combat climate change while running a small business? Can our personal values, business models, and the need for climate action align? These offerings provide a plethora of perspectives, from trailblazers to trendspotters, for taking corporate social responsibility.

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Small Business Month: Centering Diverse Perspectives »

Oct 20, 2021

How do you add more seats around the table? And what magic happens when you do? The resources below originating from a plurality of creators shed light on both the challenges for varied voices in small business and entrepreneurship to be heard as well as what successes can be realized when diverse perspectives are included. 

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Small Business Month: Overcoming the Pandemic's Impact with Resiliency, Innovation, and Care »

Oct 19, 2021

Small businesses have faced challenges like never before during the COVID-19 pandemic, from the shuttering of restaurants to the supply-chain slowdowns in e-commerce. But they’ve also seen or created opportunities for themselves in its midst.

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Strategies to Support your Mental Health as a Small Business Owner: Part 2 »

Apr 5, 2021

Welcome to part two of our mental health blog post series. In part one, we shared information on beating burnout from entrepreneurs, business owners, journalists, and writers.

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Strategies to Support your Mental Health as a Small Business Owner: Part 1 »

Mar 16, 2021

This two-part mental health blog post series outlines strategies for beating burnout and investing in well-being at work.

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Guest Post: Pivoting During the Pandemic »

Dec 17, 2020

Meakin Pivoting During the Pandemic

Connor Meakin is a UBC Alumnus and the owner of a small business in Vancouver. We are excited to feature Connor as our latest guest blog writer.

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Business Events BC - November & December 2020 »

Nov 23, 2020

Change. Extreme. Fortitude. Transformation. Unpredictable. These are some of the words predicted by the creatives at Thoughtmatter to describe 2020 – back in December 2019! 

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How To Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Construction Business »

Nov 17, 2020

Content marketing is using information for marketing purposes. The information can be in any medium, including writing, videos, infographics, photos, slide presentations, podcasts, and many more.

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COVID-19 & Business Research for British Columbia's Small Businesses »

May 29, 2020

With the help of local BC business librarians, we have created a new page in our Business Basics section titled COVID-19 & Business Research to help you find credible business information during these uncertain and rapidly changing times.

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Supporting Small Businesses in the Time of COVID-19 »

Apr 15, 2020

Tory Braun from Okanagan Young Professionals Collective Discusses #LocalLoveBingo

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